BIO MASS IMPIANTI (BMI) was established in 1973 and started it's activity projecting and constructing biological treatment plants based on experience and knowledge acquired from a joint venture with an international group with more than 75 years experience in the field of water.

BMI started it's activity working at the very beginning for private residential areas, as well as industries, and thereafter for public administrations such as municipalities and at the same time for government concerns.

Turn-key plants have been consigned, and are still under consignment for special requirements, assuming therefore, the responsibility not only for the process and the machine itself, but also for the building construction.

During the first ten years of activity, and following various Northern European experiences in the field, BMI's orientation has been in the construction of conventional, and non conventional, treatment plants using primarily the biological process.

Since the beginning of the '80's, BMI concentrated part of the business in research, development and on site application of chemical/physical processes with the use of DISSOLVED AIR FLOTATION.

Besides the chemical/physical process, new technologies have also been experienced and developed in the FILTRATION process, with up-flow contact filters and continuous self-cleaning filters.

Again, the collaboration with highly specialised technicians in the international field of water treatment, as well as continuous R&D has increased BMI's knowledge in DAF and FILTRATION processes to become one of the world's leading.

BMI is today a highly specialised company involved in the design, construction, supply and installation of chemical/physical processing systems with Dissolved Air Flotation and therefore can offer customised, highly advanced technological solutions at the best price/quality level.

BMI is able to face the most varied fields of application, such as Mechanics, Textiles, Food and Zoological Industries, as well as other fields where it is possible to resolve the treatment required by applying  chemical/physical processes with DAF either with prefabricated units or large concrete systems built on site.

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